Life Jacket Lending Program

Available during the spring and summer

Life jacket, life vest, Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – whatever you call it, it only works if you wear it!

McKenzie Fire & Rescue and the McKenzie River Guides Association proudly support the Life Jacket Lending Program. With the primary goal of keeping everyone safe around recreational water. The life jacket program has been a huge success with the McKenzie River community and its many visitors.

How did our program start? With a tragedy. Click for more Information.

USCG Approved Type II or III Life jackets in all sizes are available for the day at the following locations:

  • Mather’s Market | 38477 McKenzie Hwy, Springfield | 541-726-8570
  • Walterville Market | 39317 McKenzie Hwy, Walterville | 541-746-1875
  • McKenzie Feed & Tackle | 39355 McKenzie Hwy, Walterville | 541-741-0191
  • Leaburg Country Store | 42840 McKenzie Hwy, Leaburg | 541-896-0500
  • Vida Community Market (Everyone’s Market) | 45602 McKenzie Hwy, Vida | 541-896-3261
  • Meyer’s General Store | 51748 Blue River Dr, Blue River | 541-822-3531
  • Blue Sky Market | 91808 Mill Creek Road, Blue River | 541-822-3575

All jackets are collected, cleaned, sanitized, fabric protected and stored each fall. With the opening of fishing season in April the jackets are distributed to participating businesses.

The life jackets are lent on an honor system. Please return them when you are finished on the river so others can use them too.