Station & Volunteer Officers

McKenzie Fire & Rescue has many volunteers who provide a variety services. All members receive specialized training and carry specialized equipment to mitigate emergencies. During the summer months the firefighters may respond to wild fires and brush fires, both in the district and as members of a countywide strike team that helps protect the entire state. The volunteers are almost exclusively the first to respond to any type of emergency in the district.

Dana Burwell
Dana BurwellBattalion Chief
Dale Ledyard
Dale LedyardBattalion Chief

Station 1

Station 16-1: Walterville | 38925 McKenzie Highway (Milepost 12)

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Charene Dehne
Charene DehneLieutenant
Patrick Anderson
Patrick AndersonLieutenant

Station 2

Station 16-2: Camp Creek | 37818 Camp Creek Road (Milepost 5.5)

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Rusty Flanders
Rusty FlandersCaptain
Jeff Fox
Jeff FoxLieutenant

Station 3

Station 16-3: Leaburg | 42870 McKenzie Highway, Leaburg, OR. 97489 (Milepost 20)

This station serves as the fire district’s administrative office and is the only staffed station. The Training Center is also at this location.

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Donny Smith
Donny SmithCaptain
Jim Ellis
Jim EllisLieutenant

Station 4

Station 16-4: Vida | 45625 McKenzie Highway (Milepost 26.5) in Vida

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Christiana Plews
Christiana PlewsLieutenant

Station 5

Station 16-5: Nimrod | 49243 McKenzie Highway (Milepost 34.5)

Nimrod shares the Holeman Station Building with the Oregon Department of Forestry

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Training Center

Training Center | 42870 McKenzie Highway, Leaburg, OR. 97489 (Milepost 20)

The Training Center sits next to Station 3 in Leaburg. Drill is held here every Wednesday. The Training Center is also used for First Aid and CPR Classes as well as Recruit Academy. If you are interested in renting this facility, call (541) 896-3311.